About Music 4 u

Music 4 U

It is a little hobby project i run.
It will not always be on.
Even though it aint that seriouse i like to try to get is as good as possible for you, my listerners.

What am I using?

The radio Software is a free software called Radio DJ.
And the encoder is a free shoutcast software called B.U.T.T 
(broadcast using this tool)
The computer is a i7 with 16gb ram hosted on a 100/100 fiber connection

The server is hosted at a free shoutcast server (with payed alternative)


Why am I doing this?


Well since i worked at a radio station before and since I always had radio interest in different ways, why not?
And its fun to have a little service that my friends may enjoy,.
Well thats is.

Thanks for reading